How it Works

We offer end-to-end imaging solutions for parasail and watersport operators.

  • $0 start up costs with a pay-as-you-go fee structure.
  • Sell packages before, during, and after the experience.
  • Offer additional items for sale after the trip when the guest returns home.
  • Offer free print or digital products. 
  • You get a dedicated representative.

The Technology

  • Capture and associate images to each group. 
  • No memory card or inventory necessary.
  • Automated image correction built in.
  • Works with your existing equipment. 
  • Custom reporting. 

Additional Benefits

  • Retain all images taken for marketing use.
  • Solicit reviews for your chosen platform. 
  • Deliver coupons directly to your guests’ mobile devices.
  • Customer Support Team for your guests.
  • Custom image branding available.
  • Include stock promotional photos or videos automatically in your guest’s collection.

Ready to get started? Contact us to see which imaging solution is right for your parasail or watersport business.