We offer a unique marketing solution for the restaurant industry.  Our photographers capture your guests’ special moments at your venue creating a personal connection between your business and your customers.  

With our professional photography services, we combine traditional souvenir photographs with branded advertisements and promotions. This allows your guests to engage with your brand across social media platforms during their visits and long after.

At no cost to you we will: 

  • Increase your restaurant’s word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Provide a catalog of professional photos for social media and advertising campaigns.
  • Expand your restaurant’s digital presence.
  • Allow you to gain and control reviews quickly.
  • Provide additional revenue immediately through a profit share or flat rate agreement.
  • Donate a percentage of sales to a charity of your choice in your name.

Our Services

Digital Marketing

Each guest receives a complimentary digital photo with your info: website, address, phone number, happy hours, promotions, coupons, and social info. This will be delivered directly to their cell phone after the photo is taken.  Guests will be encouraged to share the photos on social media and to leave a review.  

Complimentary postcard

Each guest receives a complimentary postcard with your location’s branding and a message as well as their photo.   

Souvenir Frames and Novelty Items

Each guest has the opportunity to purchase high quality, branded photo frames, keychains, bottle openers, or any custom-designed photo souvenir your location would like to offer. 

Professional Photo Shoots

Guests have the option to schedule professional photo shoots or have our photographers complete a mini photo session while they wait to be seated or after their dining experience.  This is very popular at our beachfront locations.


Each guest who receives a free digital postcard will “opt-in” to receive future advertisements, promotions, and communications from your business.  Use this to promote your venue’s happy hours and special events with customized one-time SMS advertisements.  

Woman getting a text message


Need a boost on your social platforms?  Let our team of marketing professionals manage your social presence through photos, content creation, and posting and ads. 

How it Works

  1.  Photographer takes photos of guest after they place food order.
  2. Guest receives SMS with link to photos and advertisements for the restaurant.
  3. Photographer returns with complimentary postcard advertisement and offers additional products after the meal. 
  4. Guest receives additional purchased products and shares their photos on your social media page or leaves a review for a discount in upsold photos.
  5. Everyone makes money, increases reviews, and expands social engagement.

Ready to get started? Contact us to see which imaging solution is right for your restaurant.